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      Father’s Rights Lawyers in Sumner County

      Fiercely Advocating For Fathers and Their Children

      If you are a father who has been denied your legal rights or you need to establish paternity, you must have a skilled lawyer on your side. An experienced father’s rights attorney understands the complexities of the Tennessee court system and what it takes to get results.

      Fathers are often denied visitation for many reasons over claims of paternity, domestic violence, child abuse, or divorce. Regardless of the reason, it is always best to seek legal representation from a lawyer who will act as your legal advocate. Our family law attorneys have a proven record of achieving favorable results for our clients.

      Garner Law Firm, PLLC of Sumner County, TN, is passionately committed to helping fathers exercise their rights and avoid parental alienation. If you need legal assistance establishing paternity or have been prevented from having contact with your child, contact our law office and ask to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer who can review your case and determine your legal options.

      Do Unmarried Fathers Have Any Rights in Tennessee?

      If a child is born to married parents in Tennessee, both the mother’s and the father’s names are listed on the birth certificate. However, if the parents are not married, the father, also called the “putative father,” must legally establish custody.

      It is not enough to simply have the putative father’s name on the birth certificate, as it only indicates his relationship to the child but does not grant him legal rights if he and the mother are unmarried. As a result, a putative father must file a petition with the juvenile court to gain parental rights. If a putative father fails to establish their rights, then it is up to the discretion of the mother to grant them access to their child. In addition, they will not have the legal right to make any decisions that involve the child.

      If you are an unmarried father with questions or concerns about your rights, contact Garner Law Firm, PLLC, so that we may answer your questions.

      How Do You Establish Paternity?

      State law stipulates that when an unmarried woman gives birth to a child, she automatically has custody. The unmarried father must establish paternity to assert parental rights, such as custody or parenting time with the child.

      One of the most common and easiest methods of establishing paternity is for a father and mother to sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity” at the hospital. Alternatively, a father may take a voluntary DNA test, or one ordered by the court. Genetic testing must prove that the putative father has a 95% statistical probability of being the child’s biological father.

      After paternity has been established, a father may petition the court for custody or parenting time with their child.

      However, putative fathers need to understand that they should always consult with a knowledgeable father’s rights lawyer to understand their rights before signing any documents at the hospital. Once you commit yourself as the father, you will be legally responsible for the care and well-being of the child.

      Garner Law Firm, PLLC of Sumner County, can review your case and determine the best legal strategy for your circumstances.

      What Are the Legal Benefits of Establishing Paternity

      Establishing paternity is vital for several reasons other than just obtaining child custody rights. Many other economic and social benefits come with paternity that benefit the father and the child.

      Some of the most important aspects associated with establishing paternity include:

      • Identity: Children benefit from having both a mother and father in their lives. Therefore, one of the most significant aspects of establishing paternity is that it gives the child a sense of belonging, helps with understanding their identity, and gives them the added ability to grow emotionally. Financial benefits: Once paternity has been established, the child is then eligible to qualify for benefits that stem from the father, including Social Security and Veterans benefits, child support, life and health insurance, and inheritance rights.
      • Medical benefits: When children know who their father is, they have greater access to medical information that can help them determine any potential inherited health risks they may face in the future.
      • Legal rights: Once paternity has been determined, a father is entitled to exercise their legal rights in making decisions for the child’s future and well-being. However, depending on the circumstances of the case, the court may choose to limit a father’s rights. Otherwise, the father and mother must work jointly to make decisions regarding their child’s care.

      To learn more about the benefits of establishing paternity, contact the Garner Law Firm, PLLC, and ask to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable attorney who can provide you with more information.

      Why Are Your Father’s Rights Attorneys the Best Choice For My Legal Needs?

      Our law firm is passionately committed to advocacy and helping dads exercise their rights. Our legal team recognizes that it is incredibly frustrating not to be able to parent your child to paternity issues. For this reason, our father’s rights attorneys are passionately committed to fighting for your legal rights.

      Additionally, if you have been denied your visitation rights, our family law attorneys can evaluate your case to determine what action can be taken on your behalf.

      We have the experience necessary to guide you through establishing paternity, obtaining custody rights, and paying child support.

      At the Garner Law Firm, PLLC, our goal is to help fathers and their children build strong family bonds and healthy relationships.

      If you are still trying to figure out what you can do to have time with your child or how to go about establishing paternity, contact our Hendersonville, TN, law offices immediately at 615-502-4336 to schedule a consultation with a qualified legal team member.