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About Patti B. Garner


Patti Garner received her undergraduate degree from South College, a small private college in Knoxville, Tennessee. Patti Garner received her law degree from the Nashville School of Law in 2007.


Patti Garner worked as a paralegal for approximately 10 years. During this time, she was completing her undergraduate degree and attending law school. Ms. Garner assisted with multiple murder cases, DUI defense, divorces, adoptions, setting aside a forged will and multiple personal injury cases.

Patti Garner began working as a family mediator in 2000 and has continued to do that since that time.

Volunteer Work

Since 2008, Patti Garner has dedicated much of her volunteer time to Home Safe in Sumner County. Previously, Ms. Garner has worked with Mock Trial Competition and Teen Court. Working with the youth of the Sumner County area is very important to Ms. Garner.

Patti Garner was a CASA volunteer for 8 years. She has worked with SafeSpace to achieve their goals by seeking pro-bono counsel on behalf of numerous victims of domestic violence. In 2006 - 2007, she also assisted with a Pro-Bono project in Sevier County that provides Pro-Bono Counsel to victims seeking Orders of Protection.

Continuing Education

2015 Divorce Practice
2014 Mental Health Forum
2012 Connecting for Children's Justice
2012 Attacking DUI Cases and the Breath Test
2012 Termination of Parental Rights
2012 Tennessee Association for Justice Annual Seminar
2011 Mental Health Law
2011 Proving Damages and Causation in the Automobile Case
2011 Proving Damages and Causation in the Automobile Case
2010 New Developments in Adoption Law in TN
2010 Tennessee Civil Practice Trial College
2010 Divorce Practice with Larry Rice & Friends
2009 Upper Cumberland Family Law Seminar
2009 Advanced Trial Skills: Masters of Cross Examination
2008 Divorce Practice with Larry Rice
2007 Rule 31 Domestic Violence in Mediation Training
2001 Rule 31 Family Mediation Training
2000 Firm Foundation Training

Organizations and Memberships

Ms. Garner is a member of the Sumner County Bar Association.


Patti Garner has the dedication, knowledge and resources to provide you with the zealous representation that you deserve.