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Termination of Parental Rights/Adoption Attorney in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Termination of Parental Rights and/or Adoption cases are created in a special statutes in Tennessee. These cases require a complete understanding of the facts and procedures to accomplish the specific goals of the client. If you are considering pursuing this type of case, please contact our office to discuss your facts.

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We have tried a great number of these cases ranging with facts from drugs, abandonment, termination of legal fathers, sexual abuse, and everything in between. Termination of parental rights cases can be difficult and selecting the correct attorney at the onset of your legal battle is critical. We have the knowledge and trial experience to facilitate your goal.

Adoption can only occur once all appropriate parental rights have been terminated. These cases are the most enjoyable parts of our practice. The smiles on the faces of our happy clients are part of the reason we do the job that we do. We would be honored to help you get to your “adoption day”.