May 2, 2012

What are the consequences of living outloud on Facebook?

Social media and being outspoken is touted as such a freedom that we have all come to enjoy.   It has also become one of the hottest issues in divorce law cases.  

1) It’s not private information: Almost everyone has either heard about or had a Facebook account. But is it safe to maintain when you are going through a divorce?  Lawyers across the country jump at the opportunity to produce Facebook material when litigating a divorce because it is so easily accessible.

2) Relationship Status:  Do you know how easy it is to see one’s relationship status? You don’t even have to be friends with that person. As a result, lawyers are utilizing Facebook to prove that the opposing party has moved on and is now dating someone else,  merely by showing to the court their Facebook relationship status. If you and your friends have a Facebook account, chances are your soon to be ex and their friends and family also have one too. So, should you really post that next news feed or picture of you with your girlfriend?

3) It is NOT a diary:  Divorce is a very tough time in anyone’s life.   But, posting your troubles for the world to see will likely make things worse.  So, is it worth it?   

Once a divorce has been filed under the fault based grounds in Tennessee, a mandatory injunction is issued for both spouses to abide by.    Spouses are not allowed to harass, threaten, assault, or abuse the other.  Spouses cannot make disparaging remarks about the other to or in the presence of any children of the parties OR to either party’s employer.   Remember, Facebook is not a place to vent your frustration with an on-going divorce proceeding or make disparaging remarks about your spouse because the world is watching!




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